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Our lives change quickly. Preschoolers become teenagers seemingly overnight. The job started just yesterday is suddenly hurtling toward retirement. In between, we add on to homes and trade in cars. As life changes so do insurance needs.

Insurance Crown Agency, LLC  can confirm that you have adequate coverage and, in some cases, offer safety guidance, in the following situations:


  • You’re hiring a contractor to remodel or build an addition to your property. Request a certificate of insurance to confirm the contractor’s liability coverages and review with your Agent both the certificate and your homeowners policy. In some cases, remodeling projects—like the addition of a new bathroom or custom kitchen—can increase your home’s reconstruction value. Check with your Agent to ensure adequate coverage.
  • A son or daughter is learning how to drive. Even with a learner’s permit, he or she needs insurance. Your Agent can also provide materials that support safe driving behavior.
  • You’re breaking ground on a new swimming pool. Your Agent can recommend steps you can take to help keep your backyard safe and determine whether additional liability coverage should be considered.
  • You’ve accepted a new job, resulting in a longer or shorter commute. A significant change in annual mileage could also warrant a change in your auto policy.
  • It’s time to retire. You may be able to maximize the benefits of your retirement plan with a life insurance program.
  • You’ve purchased or leased a new or used vehicle. Your dealer is required by law to confirm insurance coverage, but only you can make the necessary changes to your policy.
  • You’re taking advantage of lower interest rates by refinancing your home or vehicle. Your policy will need to be updated to reflect the new lien holder.
  • You’ve just married or welcomed a new baby to the family. You have new responsibilities and may need to change your home, auto and life insurance coverages to help fulfill them.
  • You’ve purchased a diamond ring, added a rare piece of art to your collection or upgraded to a new PC. Your homeowners policy covers personal belongings and furnishings, but higher-valued items may have coverage limitations. An endorsement may be advisable for more costly or unusual items.


  1. You’re starting a business in your home. Depending on equipment and the nature of your work, an endorsement or separate policy may be necessary to protect your investment and liability exposures.


New and easy way to pay your insurance premiums plus substantial discounts on your automoible insurance when paying an annual premium or paying in full within 60 days.  

All you have to do is dial 1-800-387-1492, have your policy number ready, provide  your checking account number , your debit card number  or credit card and presto, you have paid the premium in only seconds! Erie Insurance Group and Insurance Crown Agency, LLC continually are looking for ways to make it easy for you to conduct business with our firms.


REMEMBER! Your homeowner insurance policy does not provide coverage for flood damage to your home.  I sell flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Call me for a free, no obligation quote, even if I do not insure you for your homeowner insurance.  For more information about the National Flood Insurance Program, click on the following link:


There is still time to think about starting that IRA and benefit from the tax deduction for the taxable year 2005. Give our office a call for our interest rates and obtain a no cost, no obligation proposal.

We continue to offer one of the most competitive term life products available in the market today. Let me show you how to protect your family should you die unexpectedly. The miracle of life insurance provides tax free revenue for your family so they can continue on with their life with funds to maintain the home they live in and pay for the education when the children go off to college. 

Life insurance is not for the people who die, its for the people who live!


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Multi Policy discounts can save you 15% on your automobile insurance premiums and 20% on your homeowners, renters insurance and mobile home insurance.  You will now receive a 5% discount on your automobile and homeowners insurance if we have at least one $100,000 life insurance polcy.


Attention Collectible Auto owners: Foremost Insurance Group now offers great specialty insurance fo the collectible auto enthusiast!


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Attention: NOT reading the following could be hazardous to your financial health!

KEEP IT SAFE!  Would you be adequately covered if you were found responsible for these accidents?

bullet  While painting , a friend shattered his heel when the downspout was holding onto broke away from the house. Although he was found partially responsible, the fall cost the homeowner $1.2 million
bullet A jury awarded $900,000 to the estate of a 43 year-old father whose death resulted from an automobile accident. The award was based on the father’s future earning potential
bullet At an end-of-school party, a 16 year old dove and hit his head on the bottom of the pool. He became a quadriplegic, and the case resulted n a $1.5 million settlement against the homeowner

Is the risk that great? Million dollar lawsuits are becoming all to common and more are occurring each year. Without adequate coverage, a large liability award can wipe out your property and financial security.

Call me today and I can quell those fears by providing a MASTERCOVERcm policy, a personal catastrophe liability policy, which provides additional protection against the growing wave of exorbitant jury awards in personal liability cases.  It doesn’t replace your present automobile and other personal liability policies. It does add an additional $1 Million or more of protection to your existing underlying policy limits.

Call today for a no cost, no obligation quotation for this valuable coverage

 Insurance Crown Agency, LLC and Erie Family Life Insurance Company want you for LIFE and as an added benefit of we will give you an additional 5% discount on your automobile and homeowners insurance with a minimum of a $100,000 life insurance policy!


We offer excellent Term Life Insurance Rates too!   For example a non smoker, male age, 40 in good health, $250,000 would cost $180 PER YEAR or about $15.00 per month. (subject to acceptable underwriting) Oh, by the way did I mention that a least one $100,000 life policy will get you an additional 5% discount on your automobile and homeowners insurance premium?